27 November 2007


I just love the playfulness of Junior Bazaar (1945-1948). A spinoff of the more grown up Bazaar, it targeted a younger audience while still emphasizing style and sophistication. Art directed by Alexey Brodovitch, the magazine shines with playful layouts, bold color, innovative fashion photography and styling.

image via: reference library

23 November 2007


Simmons' take on pop culture and feminism is intriguing. This piece from 1989 is slightly disturbing, but dipped in a sweet palette of color:

A later piece in 2004 creates a collage at first glance could be out of a 70's House and Garden, and on second glance could be a really chic-chic opium den:

Here's an interview with Simmons at Artkrush.

22 November 2007


Instead of a mid-day coffee break:


I heart almost everything Charles Anderson Design does. The work is fresh and fun, but still has strategy behind it.

19 November 2007


From my current company's parent company:
Latitude 48.914/Longitude 02.286' by Christopher Lawson and Marcos Villalba: 'It's a very considerable part of our philosophy to encourage the next generation of creatives, and for us we find there's a freshness discussing things with students.'

I just love that students came up with something highly conceptual, fresh and easily reproducible for a luxury retailer. Cheers to creativity.
The story at Wallpaper* is here.

14 November 2007


If a bottle of wine or champagne has a cool label, I will buy it. Viktor & Rolf impress me once again with their newest collaboration. Upside down packaging, even.


I've had some requests to post my design work, and since my portfolio site I designed in 2005, I've been slammed with actual work work. I put together a simple site to show what I'm up to. The only bummer is that with my packaging, everything is backdated design-wise by a year or more, because the products have to go to market before I can show them. Check back for updates...My work is here.

08 November 2007


I saw a homeless man on my way to work. Nothing new when you live in a city. He did a side karate kick and said "good morning" to me. Then, I noticed he had two bags tied to his shopping cart. One, full of San Pellegrino and Perrier. The other, only Vitamin Water bottles.

Maybe he keeps himself busy by reading the clever copy?