29 December 2008


Check out this super cute and functional wrist/coffee cuff! In love!
Now I might lose half my guilt over the paper coffee cup protector...but there's still that paper cup.


Recognize this building from an awesome 80's movie about ghosts?

It is all in the details... over at Scouting NY, a film location scout records the details of New York City "most of which are ignored every day by thousands of New Yorkers in too much of a rush to pay attention." I personally like the focus on Art Deco architecture and typography in signage.


15 December 2008


Have a super fab holiday! I'll be back around the 29th! xo.

09 December 2008


My personal favorite, the classy and personal B+W card from Hoover

Over at the Daily Heller, design critic Steven Heller points us to a brief history of presidential season's greetings. I just love peering into a somewhat personal relic of holidays past, especially with the perspective of today. A Kennedy holiday card? Très chic if Jackie would have been plastered on the front of it.

On an more timely note, since I donated to the Obama cause, I can't wait for my holiday card... hint, hint! Will Obama bring a new updated design sense to the Oval Office's communications? I think so. His design team's fresh (for politics) choice of Gotham from HF&J in campaign branding is a design geek's indicator. The choice shows a new recognition and sensitivity to the changing faces of modern design, and I would argue, modern thinking. (Check out more on the politics of Gotham over at the Atlantic Community blog.)

Historical type references from HF&J

04 December 2008


While searching for unique gifts, I found these wine sampling bottles. While wine tasting will always trump just about any weekend activity, this is a sweet packaging idea for any liquid-- or gel? Don't let the hero shot fool you: these are available in small 6cl and 10cl variants. For those of us still in the dark ages of American measure, this equals 2 fl oz.(2 tbsp) and 3.3 fl oz.(6.6 tbsp). The flat base and flat screw top likely make them easier and cheaper to ship in large quantities.

The only place to get these mini marvels are in Colette, Paris. Follow the link to email some French dude if you insist upon finding these. In the meantime, I'm going to do some digging of my own design...

VIA Luxury Insider