09 December 2008


My personal favorite, the classy and personal B+W card from Hoover

Over at the Daily Heller, design critic Steven Heller points us to a brief history of presidential season's greetings. I just love peering into a somewhat personal relic of holidays past, especially with the perspective of today. A Kennedy holiday card? Très chic if Jackie would have been plastered on the front of it.

On an more timely note, since I donated to the Obama cause, I can't wait for my holiday card... hint, hint! Will Obama bring a new updated design sense to the Oval Office's communications? I think so. His design team's fresh (for politics) choice of Gotham from HF&J in campaign branding is a design geek's indicator. The choice shows a new recognition and sensitivity to the changing faces of modern design, and I would argue, modern thinking. (Check out more on the politics of Gotham over at the Atlantic Community blog.)

Historical type references from HF&J

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