22 February 2008


David Shrigley has been a fav for a while. Drawing wry observations about everyday life, he depicts a rough, sketchy infographic style. Some of his pieces seem to be pages torn straight from a journal of spontaneous prose.

He just published a new book with Chronicle, and the title is so funny, you have to click here.

21 February 2008


I’ve been traversing the scary world of taking up a new hobby. While knitting is useful, I’m not so good at it. How can I concentrate on a computer screen for 3 hours straight without getting up– while sitting down to knit I get cagey and frustrated after 20 minutes? Who knows. Still, the crafty, detaily hum of needlepoint has been more appealing. Right now I’m making an art deco monogram. I googled fashion patch, or something like that, and found this awesome crown. I am going to scour the craft books for new patterns. This new thing– for me– also reminds me of the piece I designed at Craft. We profiled Jenny Hart, her work is amaze. Check it out at Sublime Stitching.

20 February 2008


by Mette Løber

by Julia Rothman

I am obsessed with wallpaper... always have been. Even as a little girl, I used to stare into the pretty scenes on the wall. And want to draw all over them. Check out wallcollection.com. They print wide-scale pieces as wallpaper. Don't frame your art– paste it!

12 February 2008


I'd feel way-chic drinking from these little canettes from Perrier. What a great way to evoke the brand's roots with a Frenchie looking girl in a hat, a modern flora pattern and an unexpected green tiger. 

(PS. Not a fan of much of their design, especially the illos on their website.)

10 February 2008


The Phillipine news site Inquirer reports:
The French fashion industry on Wednesday signed a charter to promote healthy body images among ultra-skinny models in magazine ads and on the catwalks of Paris, the world's fashion capital.

After more than a year of talks, officials from fashion houses, advertising firms and media outlets joined Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot to ink the voluntary charter, joining a worldwide drive to combat anorexia.

The charter outlines a series of guidelines but falls short of imposing restrictions, as is the case in Spain which has set a minimum body mass index of 18 for catwalk models.

This translates to a minimum weight of 56 kilos (123 pounds) for a height of 1.75 meters (5.74 feet).

French fashion supremos committed to a series of "positive actions" to promote healthy body images, mostly through awareness-raising and information sharing.

Signatories pledged to refrain from using "images of people, in particular youth, that could contribute to promoting a model of extreme thinness."


NYT article here...

07 February 2008


At the end of last year, I went to Hong Kong for work. This photo shows off the city's gorgeousness. I wish I could have stayed longer.

At luxuryculture.com, they've assembled chic city guides. The site is definitely for people with deep pockets; but is well-edited by Yaffa Assouline, a publisher of elegant books.