19 October 2007


When Jane magazine was abruptly squashed by what only can be seen as a media corporation not giving a damn about actual taste in music and culture for the masses, I was slightly blue. (The fold of Sassy magazine really ruined my life for a while, but that is another post.)

Now, from the UK, we have Lula, a gorgeously conceptual magazine. I subscribed as soon as I purchased their second issue. Is it even better than Jane? A modern Sassy? I would like to tell you more about this visual girly romp, but I feel like I can't form a REAL opinion until I see/read another issue. I art-directed a few issues of start up magazines, and I know from experience that things can change universally over the first four or so issues of a launch. Lula, please get your American subscribers in the loop. We hope to love you!

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