27 December 2007


Piece by Barbara Kruger, a bi-coastal artist

I've been vacationing in the southern version of my favorite home state over this holiday season. On the drive down the coast, we pass time with NPR podcasts. I love This American Life, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, and All Songs Considered. On an episode of All Songs, host Bob Boilen interviewed a couple of members from Spoon. He asked the band about where they draw their creativity. The band named lots of obscure references which let my mind wander...

As we wound through the cliffs of Big Sur, I wondered if I moved somewhere warmer, to a more relaxed city, would I still be as creative? The question is not so much about me as an artist/designer, but more about how environment affects creative people.

I love what is going on in the Northernmost European cities- Copenhagen, Hamburg (lived there!), and seemingly all of Sweden continues to churn out young innovative talent. Are they all rock stars because of all the hype- or is there something in that cold water?

Then there is LA. Of course there are tons of plastic star f-ers, but it seems plasticity is not requisite to break into the art scene. There are tons are artists who are very anti LA, all while living in the thick of the Botox.

If all you have is sunshine...

Piece by Camille Rose Garcia, a Los Angeles-based artist

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