03 January 2008


You know, when you actually surf the web (so 90's!) you can find some nice stuff. I blogged the other day about a Spoon interview. From there, I linked to their bandsite. I went back yesterday and checked it out in detail. I love the usability and design. It makes so much sense. All of the menus act as their own movable post-its aka information panels. Of course this interface design would not work for a super commercial site, but for a band, perfect. The site is full of band snap shots and a shot of an old school hot chick opens the site and you can customize the wallpaper. It is full picture splashy, but clean. The details are maddening: the post-its are "stuck" with translucent tape, and even the page title uses a visual trick that only the super-dorky designer will see.

Of course I saw it.

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