26 March 2008


Super swanky Chanel bike.

I have been an on-and-off bike rider all of my life. About three years ago I got back into it with my 80's TREK roadbike. It is teal with fuchsia grips. Awesome.

There was something I disliked about it though... By nature, a roadbike makes you want to go fast. Perfect for city riding and dodging cars. And the HILLS in San Francisco! Shout out to all my fixed gear riding girls, but it is just not for me! I am pretty girly, so on most days, fast/intense riding is not an option unless I am riding for fitness. This is where my lovely cruiser comes in...

My black Pake step-thru with a wicker basket meets all of my girly bike needs. I can ride it wearing a skirt and throw my purse in the basket up front. It is so chic and fun to ride. I even ride it out to bars with my friends!

I just found this awesome blog from the UK all about chic riding. My buddies over at PSFK just did a story on it too...

Here is a shot I grabbed from the Pake site of my lil one. If only I could fit my dog in the basket!

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