12 November 2008


Mr. Norris kicks butt and takes names in his action jeans

I've been off the blog radar. A sense of dread has spread over me as I realize it has been almost 4 months since I blogged! I apologize to anyone who actually reads this. Here is my excuse: I was promoted in June, and became so busy with work the last thing I wanted to do was spend more time on my computer. I'm finally coming up for air, so expect to hear from me regularly again.

And this leads me to today's topic: what if we had a magical product that made us more efficient? Well, for Chuck Norris, this means having a pair of trusty action jeans. For me, I am perpetually working on my time management. Each industry will have it's miracle product: for heroes in street clothes, action jeans are the answer. For creatives like me, Behance has been a fantastic source of knowledge and inspiration.

I'm inspired by getting things done (and done well). My favorite quote is "making lists just to check things off them." So when Behance came into my life about a year ago, I was addicted. It is a time management and information resource I depend on. In my previous life as a freelancer, the key to making money was/is time management. Check them out at behance.com.

"Making lists just to check things off them." The Action Book.

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